Update Newsfeed RSS to Discord

Update Newsfeed RSS to Discord

As a Cybersecurity worker, we must stay up-to-date with any news, alerts, advisories and others also in the IT field everything is new and growing so fast, especially in cybersecurity

To fill this gap I use a RSS aggregator to send the latest update from my favorite blog/news to notify me

If you join SHL Discord you’ll be familiar with feeds and feeds-ransom text channel, this is how I configure it


I am using feedpushr to run all the activities, thanks to ncarlier you can check the repository here and you can directly run the container on your VPS with Docker / Portainer for this example I’m using Portainer


I use this ENV configuration due the default feedpushr request is too short and sometimes resulting ban my IP from crawling again, so you can configure your preferences


This is the list of RSS that already running on my container, to add new we can use the + button up right but if you want using mine you can download it here


You must add the title name can be the site name, the URL of the RSS file, and tags (optional) after that you can save all the fields and hit the toggle to enable crawl for the new RSS that just registered


In the output setting, we can add new using the same + button on the top right

output setting

The Feedpushr itself has a variety of output, but for Discord or other webhook we can use the HTTP output

output discord

Based on the repository we can use fields Title, Link and Description to show as summary, here I use truncate to only show 400 chars of the description due to max input from Discord webhook


And the new notification will be shown on your Discord

For now, I only found a bug in the RSS source that includes a new line in their Description field (ex: The Hacker News), this will make the HTTP request send to Discord webhook become broken and return 400, for the fix we can lowering the number of truncate, if you need further assistance how to deploy or found any bug we can discuss it here

What do you do to keep stay updated with the latest cybersecurity news? did you use the same way?